Artist Statement

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My work reflects on environmental concerns and addresses our (humankind’s) relationship to the natural world – as we perceive it and interact with it. We – modern society – have become increasingly disconnected from nature. We have come to see our planet as a mine to extract the resources we need to maintain our extravagant life-styles, and as a dumping station for our toxic waste products. I believe, however, to secure a “habitat” for future generations (of our own species as well as others) it is essential that we tune ourselves in with nature and re-gain greater awareness of our planet, understand it better and take better stewardship of it. In my work process I look at indigenous as well as ancient cultures, whose life philosophies perceive mankind as an integrated part of nature, rather than attempting to dominate over it.

I believe that through the means of art it is possible to point out the importance of environmental soundness – through speaking to emotion and passion for nature, and through unlocking an ancient sense of freedom and awe. I believe that admiration for nature is inherent in all of us, but tends to get subdued for a majority of our planet’s population who live busy consumer-oriented lifestyles. I believe that we as artists have the power to reach out to society and direct public attention – in an inspirational non-intrusive way – a way that might reach audiences more readily than plain results of scientific study – which can seem inaccessible or tedious.

My artworks are art/research projects. My work process starts with photo-and video mappings, sound recordings, note-taking, writing, and research about places and their historical, societal and ecological circumstances. Mythology plays a particular role, as it bears invaluable information about places and the people who live there and used to live there in earlier times. In my projects I intertwine facts, old mythologies and my personal experiences as a person and artist. I create video pieces and immersive media installations with multiple video projections, sound collages and narrative.

Other projects are ephemeral works in natural environments  - that aim to accentuate natural features and emphasize the sublime beauty and the extraordinary of nature. While nature erases these pieces within a short time, they live on in their documentation and are later used in video installations or become photographic pieces. An ongoing project is Snow Drawings, participatory art events where I guide communities to create huge drawings on snow-covered landscapes by walking pattern systems with snowshoes.

With my artwork I aim to provoke thought and engage my audiences intellectually. I’m not interested in creating lasting artworks, as I believe our planet is over-saturated with man-made products. While I like to unfold my work into large immersive experiences,
I prefer that it live on in its documentation only, and in the memories of my audiences.