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10 Comments on “Comments”

  1. PJ Price

    I’m going to steamboat in February and would love to see some of your work! Any chance you will be doing any snow art there around Presidents’ Day? Thanks- it’s so beautiful and different!

  2. Rob Licht

    It’s nice to see the progression in your work as you respond to different environments and engage new audiences. Our work has some parallels, I hope we cross paths again!


  3. Dirk Lehmann

    Ich bin beeindruckt von Ihren Werken! Ein wunderschöner, eigenständiger ästhetischer Kosmos, den Sie da bieten und mit welchem Sie den Betrachter bezaubern und zum stillen Genuß verführen. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen weiterhin so autarken und frischen Weg – Ihre Kunst ist im besten Sinne des Wortes aussergewöhnlich und ich freue mich bereits auf weitere Werke, die mich in Ihren Bann ziehen.
    Viel Erfüllung und Erfolg auf Ihrem Weg wünscht
    Dirk Lehmann

  4. kathryn Kern

    I watched a KQED segment on your fascinating work. I love it! I grew up a fan of nature as well in the Northern CA mountains of Paradise California. I related to your work with spirals because it is so relative to my work cutting Hair. The growth pattern of each persons head is in a spiral. I call it the Swirl. The hair begins its “swirl” on the crown of the head, sometimes there are two. A double crown. It has everything to do with how the hair texture, curl pattern and cowlicks lay. I flow with the swirl rather than work against it. I am fully aware of how much of our lives involve spirals as you mentioned. I always think someday I will have my own salon and call it Swirl.

    Thank you for your art. Our canvases are different but the swirls are alive in both. Kat

    1. admin

      thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful comment. I had never thought of hair and how it grows in spirals/swirls,too. I will keep this in mind.

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