Australia – Part 2, BigCi Artist Residency, NSW, Australia, 2019

This participatory outdoor installation reflects on my personal first-time experiences in Australia and my explorations of Australian flora, fauna, aboriginal culture and life-philosophies, as well as the history of European discovery and penetration of the land. I created 105 origami-folded star-shaped vessels that I floated on a man-made water storage pond during a public art event. Each vessel contained pieces of bark that depicted abstract designs on one side – created by insects and withering. On the inside I wrote short sentences or single words that expressed my fascination and learning of Australia’s nature, history and culture. Visitors were invited to bring the vessels ashore using long sticks. The bark pieces were laid out inside an exhibition space, and participants grouped them into thematic categories.

The photos in Part 2 of the project show the floating of the vessels on the pond, and their retrieving during the public event, as well as the reassembling of vessels and inscribed bark in the gallery space. Participants arranged the inscribed bark pieces according to contexts and topics.

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