Cantabria Coast and Mountain Drawing, Fundacion Botin, Santander, Spain, 2016

I shot photos of the Cantabrian Mountains and coastline (northern Spain). I projected each series on a large wall and traced all mountain reliefs – and respectively coastlines – on top of each other. The summary of all lines created abstracted large-scale landscape drawings of their own right.

The extreme features of the Cantabrian landscape tell a story of early earth history – the time when great masses of magma solidified to become solid rock, when earth plates collided into each other, when layers of rock towered up to become mountains or break off into oceans, leaving behind steep harsh cliffs.

This project explores the majesty and primordial power of landscapes. I hope to awaken appreciation and awe for nature’s immeasurable value and to spark creative contemplation in audiences.

Ideally the 2 videos are projected large-scale, side by side or opposite each other. A smaller presentation on large plasma screens is also possible.

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