Eagle Lake – Night Impressions, 2017

These photographs try to capture tranquil nighttime moods at a small lake in New York’s Adirondack region. Over the course of a 4 weeks artist residency at the Blue Mountain Center I went out at night to shoot long-exposure photographs. The images change with the moon phases and the weather – at first dark moonless nights, where stars appear as stripes due to my long exposures, then overcast skies and later with the moon illuminating the landscape, or a vibrant light source in the image itself. With this series of photos I tried to emphasize the country-like setting and simple lifestyle that has been preserved in this region for more than a century: rustic-style buildings, built from the local wood, creaking boathouses that sway in wind and waves, wooden piers reaching out into the water, populated with deckchairs, lonely canoes bobbing on the water’s surface. I tried to emphasize these human elements through lights, giving them a slightly eerie, if not ghostly appearance. Car lights are visible as stripes in the distance, as they are traversing a little bridge, canoers used flashlights to make their boats glow in the long exposure shots, and I carry a flashlight while walking on the shore.

I wrote short vignettes about my experiences being out at the lake late at night.

Night Stories