Floating Dreams, Healdsburg, CA, 2018

I have been collecting my dreams for over 20 years, writing them down whenever I remember them.
For Floating Dreams I used a selection of dreams from 2000-2003, a transitory chapter in my life, where I was transitioning between 2 different worlds – an “old one” in Europe where I grew up, and a “new one” in the United States, my chosen home. My dreams from that time often merged the two worlds in complete negligence of the 5,759 miles distance. I handwrote some of these dreams on tiny scrolls, preserved them in sealed bottles and send them afloat on a pond, like a message in a bottle. During an art event I invited visitors to “catch a dream”, which they may keep as a treasured secret, preserved in the bottle, or break the seal to reveal the content of the dream. Each bottle contained a unique dream.

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