Ink Drawings, 2003-2007

This series of drawings was initially inspired by a real object – an Osage orange – a citrus fruit the size of a grapefruit, but with gnarly green skin (not edible). While the earlier pieces bring to mind seedpods found in plants, the later drawings have increasingly detached themselves from the depiction of objects to become porous amoeba-like shapes. Some of them resemble microorganisms, deep-sea creatures or microscopic imagery of cells and membranes. These resemblances are not intentional, and as an artist I want to inspire my audiences to let their fantasies roam. The drawings are not preconceived; my drawing process is generally meditative and the shapes develop out of a mesh of small pen movements. I draw with pens containing permanent Indian ink. Correcting/erasing my marks is not an option, a challenge I appreciate as it keeps up a dialogue of constant response and decision-making throughout the entire drawing process, which can be several days.

The drawings vary in size; the earlier ones are approximately 20×28 inches, the later ones 30×40 inches.