Living off the Land – Rosendale NY, Spring 2013

An artistic exploration into sustainable food resources through foraging and preparing wild edible plants

Living off the Land is an art/research project that explores replacing cultivated food plants for plants that grow wild and can be obtained through foraging in immediate rural environments. My attraction to wild-growing edible plants stems from an ecological interest and attempts a response to discussions around the need to sustain ourselves in ways that preserve our planet’s environment and resources while providing better stewardship of our planet.

After preparing 13 different dishes from Garlic Mustard – considered an invasive green in the Hudson River Area – and documenting my processes on video, I organized a Garlic Mustard potluck dinner event, with handmade ceramic ware and sitting cushions. They bear designs of topographic lines, which attempt to link the herb to this specific environment.

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About Garlic Mustard and Recipes (PDF)