Participatory Drawing – Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

This drawing project was conducted as a 1-day workshop at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkley California. As the workshop received great interest, we worked on several drawings simultaneously. Accommodating participants of various ages and physical abilities, we created drawings on the ground as well as on the wall. As in most of my participatory drawings we created patters using fine-tip pens with black Indian ink. Since we had a lot of family participation, we simultaneously offered a colored drawing, predominantly for children. All drawings adhered to the same principle: to create non-presentational patterns, using small circular pen gestures, and building up a dense mesh of textures through layering. While all participants adhered to these simple rules – to ensure cohesiveness throughout the large piece – each personal “handwriting” added to the creative diversity of the piece. Participants traded places within each drawing, and there was a fluid dynamic between the different drawings. Parents collaborated with their children on the colored drawing, and children added to the ink drawings.

With the help of rulers and cardboard pieces we framed interesting compositions that were cut out of the large-scale drawings. Participants were took these smaller drawings home.