Particpatory Drawing – Blue Mountain Center, NY, fall 2016

This Participatory Drawing was created with a group of approximately 10 writers and social activists, whom I shared an artist residency with, at the Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondack Mountains (NY state) in fall 2016. I taped down a large sheet of paper on my studio floor, and we created this drawing in several sessions over the course of a week. It was very rewarding for me to work with this group of adults, and to see their dedication and enthusiasm in a media that’s entirely different from their own typical ways of creative expression. With this highly educated and politicized group of people, these communal drawing sessions also provided opportunity for discussions ranging from social justice to election-related topics. (The project took place shortly before the 2016 presidential elections).

This was the first Participatory Drawing project where we cut up the finished drawing to create smaller drawings that can stand on their own. An empty picture frame and rulers helped us frame aesthetically compelling pieces in various sizes and proportions. This “framing process” was surprisingly engaging and fun for the entire group.

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