Project in the Citrus Grove at Taliesin-West, Scottsdale, AZ, February 2011

During an artist residency in Scottsdale, AZ at the School of Architecture, Taliesin-West I was fascinated to find a citrus grove full of ripe fruit. While enjoying the fruit I also questioned their suitability for an arid region – and ultimately their water consumption to grow these juicy fruits. Much to my surprise I found out that the ancient Hohokam tribes once home in this region also grew crops that relied on irrigation.

I created special labels for the fruits – to put them into context with the greater Phoenix environment, and to inspire thought and creativity. The oranges bear spiral-shaped excerpts from Pima Indian mythology about the creation of the universe and earth. The grapefruits bear a Hohokam labyrinth, a metaphor for the journey through life, with the center being the final destination where all dreams and experiences are stored and where the Sun God greets us once life’s goals have been fulfilled. I attached the labels to the fruits in a ceremonial act, and after their harvest distributed them amongst the Taliesin community.

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