Snow Drawings, Truckee, CA, 2016

This Snow Drawings project was executed at a remote field station run by the University of California, Berkeley’s biology department, near Lake Tahoe. Within two days participants of the surrounding communities, as well as visitors from the San Francisco Bay Area transformed two forest clearings into a lace of patterns based on spiral shapes. We started the drawing on all sides of the clearing, walking into the open snowfield one by one, with snowshoes. While creating a huge collaborative arts project participants enjoyed a beautiful winter weekend – out in the Sierra Nevada snow landscape, experiencing the tranquility of nature in winter. This was the first year in many that we were able to conduct a Snow Drawings project in the Sierra Nevada, due to several years of drought and lack of snow. While the Sierra Nevada used to have severe winters in the past, snow has become scarce and unreliable in this age of climate change.

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