The Clouds – Are They Actually Thinking? Deiglan Gallery, Akureyri, Iceland, 2017

This video installation was created for an exhibition in Iceland at a cascading gallery space. It reflects my impressions of the Nordic Sea, the abundance of water in Iceland and the history and mythology of the Norse/Viking population – which used to be entirely tied to the Sea. Fishing their main sustenance Viking life evolved around seafaring, storms, floods and other disasters.
Reading the Teutonic creation mythology, earth and everything on it – vegetation, animals, the sky – were formed from the giant Ymir’s body. His skull became the firmament and his brain was tossed up in the air to become clouds. Clouds are ever-present in Iceland, sometimes forming dramatic formations, only to change or vanish entirely 10 minutes later. The clouds seem to be teasing – hence the title of the piece.

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