Toffia’s Domestic Canyons – Night Impressions, 2014

This series of photographs was shot during an artist residency in a medieval hilltop town in Italy. I arrived in Toffia late at night, and my first view was an accumulation of yellow lights dancing on top of a hill that rose steep next to the windy road. Then the car drove me through a small arched gate, into a street that looked like a canyon, with medieval stonewalls towering up on both sides. It seemed far too narrow to fit the width of the car. Yet somehow, miraculously, the 21st century “machina” wiggled its way through the 14th century town  - to drop me off on a tiny square flanked by a heavy stone building, formerly a church, now housing the town’s theater and the artist residency.

Although I loved the sunny October days, the inner town at night held a special fascination for me. I went out night after night, equipped with camera and tripod to capture my impressions of Toffia’s “domestic canyons” – the narrow streets flanked by solid rock walls, illuminated in yellow lights – two different kinds of yellow, one greenish, the other orange-brown.

The photographs will be printed digitally, and – accompanied by vignettes of text – they will also become part of a book (digital and/or printed). The texts reflect my outsider’s experience of Toffia and a summary of Toffia’s history.

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